Soleil Victoria

On this date 3 years ago, my life was changed forever. Soleil Victoria Walters was born, and she has been one of God’s greatest gifts in my life!

Here she is having hot chocolate after playing in the snow.

Here she is about a week ago after she got into her mom’s lipstick.

And finally, here’s one of my favorite pictures of her, when she fell asleep getting her haircut a few months ago.

Happy birthday, Soleil! Your daddy loves you!



Other Side of the Pulpit

Yesterday I got to attend church with my family. This might not seem like a big deal, but since I’m a pastor who is pretty much always at the front of church during a service, attending and sitting with my family was definitely a big deal.

Here are some thoughts the service gave me:

› It’s a great blessing to worship with your family. I feel bad for the families that never get to do this; it’s so nice to be one in faith with the people you love.

> Attending a worship service with little kids is really hard. Seriously. I was in charge of our one-year old during the service, and it was a lot of work! Trying to keep her quiet and not letting her bother the people around us. Oh yeah, and trying to pay attention and participate in the service! Wow. I have a lot of respect for all parents coming to worship with young children!

>Having the words to the hymns projected on a screen is very helpful. This relates to the point above. Holding a writhing one-year old while paging through a bulletin or hymnal? Difficult at best and impossible at worst. The screen allowed me to participate in much more of the service. I still think hymnals are an undervalued resource for worship and devotional use, but the screen made a difficult situation much easier.

These experiences on the other side of the pulpit are helpful for when I go back to my home church as pastor. How can I best reach families coming to my church? Even if screens up front probably aren’t a possibility for us right now, the overall experience will help me as I try to help young families at my congregation.