The Gospel in Hebrew: How Ten Hebrew Words Preach Christ and His Work

Check out this post by Pastor Chad Bird. It combines two of my favorite topics: the Hebrew language and the Good News of the Gospel! (But you don’t need to be able to read Hebrew to appreciate it!) Give it a read!

hebrewWhen the Christian church began, virtually every believer knew Hebrew. It was the language of prayer, song, and faith among the first followers of our Lord. It was the language in which the vast majority of their Scriptures were written. In Hebrew the prophecies of the Messiah were preached, the psalms of His suffering composed, the hope of coming redemption spelled out.

Journey with me then, if you will, through these ten Hebrew words to hear this story of salvation told in Jesus’ native tongue. These words sum up the whole person and work of our Messiah. Here is the Gospel in Hebrew.


We spell it Joshua, but this Hebrew name is pronounced Yehoshua. It means “the LORD is salvation” or “Yahweh saves.” When Mary needed a name for her infant, she didn’t page through 100,000+ Baby Names to find one that tickled her fancy. She left the name-choosing…

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