Grace Alone

This coming weekend my congregation will celebrate Reformation Sunday. This is always a special Sunday in a Lutheran church. It’s not special because we’re celebrating the man, Martin Luther. It’s special because of God’s grace. We celebrating going back to God’s Word and rejoicing in the fact that on our own, we’re lost — hopelessly and eternally. But God doesn’t leave us on our own; he sent his Son to do what we could not, to suffer what we should have suffered, to die that we might live. That’s why the Reformation is worth celebrating.

I realized that this is the first time since 2007 where I won’t be preaching for Reformation. My associate pastor will be doing that this time. I look forward to hearing from someone else about God’s grace to me. 

I also found a quote from Martin Luther himself where we see his emphasis on grace.

All who seek entry into His kingdom must seek it by nothing but grace. Christ has regard for no one because of his pile of gulden, his beauty, his wisdom, his golden hair, or because he wears a garment embroidered in gold or silver, or a gray coat. No, it is grace alone that counts. His is to be a kingdom of grace, belonging to those who are wretched and poor, whether they be men or women, rich or poor. 

~Luther’s Works 22:190





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