Writers Write

Talents are things meant to be used. They’re meant to be cultivated so they can grow and flourish. They are not meant to be buried to die of disuse. They are not meant to atrophy away to nothing.

Jesus’ parable of the talents says that we are to use our gifts for his kingdom. But I don’t feel that I’ve been using mine in the best way.

One of my gifts is writing. I’m not saying I’m the best writer in the world or that people who aren’t poring over my every word are somehow missing out, but I am saying that God has given me a gift to write. The truth is, though, I’m just not using this gift as well as I should.

It’s not that I never write. I write sermons (I even posted one recently.) I write the occasional newsletter article or blog post. But here’s the thing: it’s still something of an “event” when I write. It’s something I have to psych myself up to do, to prepare for. Sermons come once every couple of weeks, and other occasions come even more infrequently.

Well, that’s not cultivating my gift; that’s more or less letting it go.

I read a blog post recently where software developer John Saddington stressed that writers need to do one thing: write. They need to do it every day.

You want to be a writer? Then write. You want to be a software developer? Then code. You want to be X? Then do X, every single day.

My goal is not to be a professional writer. But as a pastor, I absolutely am a professional communicator. Yes, I preach sermons, but I don’t preach them off-the-cuff. I write them. Improving my writing will improve my preaching.

My personality doesn’t lend itself to having endless amounts of things to say ready to go at all times. So, when I give a devotion at a meeting or event, or even give my thoughts on a topic at a meeting, I often have to prepare those remarks. Sometimes I’ll do it in my head in a short amount of time, but other times I’ll want to write them down first. Writing improves my overall communication.

So, I plan to be writing more, to be writing every day. This doesn’t mean there will be a new post every day on this blog, but I would imagine there will be more than there has been in the past. Honestly, it fits well with my original thoughts for this blog from my first post.

Someone who has a gift needs to use that gift. It’s really pretty simple. Singers sing, builders build, and writers write. There’s probably some things that you are gifted with that you might be doing more of, too. But as for me, among other things, I’m going to write.


4 thoughts on “Writers Write

  1. I enjoyed this post and felt it could be applied to any gift that the Lord has blessed us with. I read this to my son who is 14 yr. old. He is gifted with playing the piano and up until a year ago he wanted to play every musical instrument out there. Now he wants to quite. I’m praying it’s a phase because I have given him the option of picking another instrument to play but he he doesn’t want to pick anything else. I have talked to him about him not hiding his talent and using it for God’s glory.

    Anyway, as I read this to him and told him I hope he finds it encouraging. Thanks for sharing it with us all!

    • Wow, thanks for your comment! Yes, what you said is exactly what I was trying to get at with this post — that this can be applied to any gift that God has given us. It’s tough, though. We definitely go through time when a gift is less appealing to us than at other times. I love music, too, but unfortunately my guitar is sitting in its case without getting much use. That’s something that I want to improve, too.

      I’d say it’s tough to strike a balance between encouraging someone to cultivate his gift and not wanting to push him away from it. Also, on the one hand, taking some time off from something, say the piano, might help him appreciate it more later. On the other hand, sometimes when people take “time off” from a gift, they never get back to it. It’s tough because there isn’t always an obvious “right” answer.

      Thanks again for your comment. I hope you keep encouraging your son and praying for the best way for him to use his gifts!

      • I wanted to let you know, like yourself, I am not a blog reader let alone comment on them. But I saw “The Treasure is Yours” at the bottom of your blog page and it caught my attention because of my ministry. Very good sermon. I posted on my ministry’s twitter.
        @tbontbap Would love to have you follow us.

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