Wordle Sermon

As a preacher, I’m used to seeing my sermons a certain way. I wrote them, after all, so I think I know everything about them. Well, sometimes I’m a little too close to the project, so my own view of my sermons can be a bit distorted.

That’s why I think it’s interesting to see them from a different angle sometimes. To do that, I occasionally like to turn my sermons into a wordle1. These give you a visual impression of which words were used most in a particular text. In this case, I’ve put my last sermon through the ol’ Wordle machine, and this is what it came up with:

Screenshot 2014-05-22 12.13.11

Not sure if there’s anything surprising in this one, but still pretty interesting!

  1. Check them out at http://www.wordle.net . It’s kind of fun to make your own and play around with how they look. 

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