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Pastors tend to use the Bible a lot. Kind of an occupational hazard. In my work, I use the Bible for sermons, Bible studies, hospital visits, shut-in visits, opening of meeting devotions, newsletter articles, and on and on. That's great, and I'm thankful that my job allows me to be in the Word so much.

But I also know that it can be dangerous to view the Bible in a purely academic, finish-the-next-task kind of way. So, I also do personal devotions where I read through much of the Bible for no other reason than to grow in the Word. I've written in the past about previous Bible reading plans I've used, so I figured I'd mention what I'm doing now.

I've been using my Logos Bible Software divide the entire Bible into a year's worth of readings. I use Logos all the time, and have for years. It can be a bit clunky in the Bible readings, but all in all works well. It's especially nice to be able to use on the go on my phone. It's nice on my iPad (as in the picture above) where I can have a commentary (in this case the Lutheran Study Bible) open at the same time.

I think this is the first time I've ever read through the Bible straight-through, Genesis through Revelation. That's not normally the way I'd recommend someone read the Bible, but it's been interesting for me to go through it this way.

This year I'm reading through the Bible in the NIV translation (known as the NIV2011 to many). It's been a somewhat controversial translation, so I wanted to make sure I was familiar with it from experience not just as a charicature. Speaking of this, the WELS recently had its synod convention where it decided its direction on issues such as Bible translation. If you want a readable, accurate version of what happened, check out an excellent blog piece here. Pastor Strey's opinions match up with mine quite a bit on this issue. I really recommend you read it.

Other than that, I'd be interested to know what any of you do for your own personal Bible reading for devotional purposes. I'm planning on switching things up after this year, so I'd love ideas.



4 thoughts on “Through the Bible

  1. I am currently using the daily lectionary @ with ESV and NIV84 side by side. I am also using “Reading the Psalms with Luther”. I switch between choosing a Psalm topically and reading the book from beginning to end.

    • Nice! is a neat site, though I haven’t used it much. I’ve wanted to get that “Reading the Psalms with Luther” book but never have! The psalms are so great devotionally that it was weird to start and finish them already in my current reading plan.

      Another good book that I have used before is “The Psalms- a Devotional Commentary” by Zorn.

      • I’ve tried reading through the Psalms in a month a couple of times, but I need to read them more slowly or I wind up with overload and don’t seem to get much out of it.
        The Zorn book looks interesting. I like the way he pulls thoughts from other parts of the Bible in his commentary. It is a different approach from the Luther book, which is more devotional. Luther is helping me see the Psalms in the context they were written as well as teaching me to view them catechetically. It keeps me from relying too heavily on my emotions as I read them.

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