This is the Gospel

The main point and basis of the Gospel is that before you grasp Christ as an example, you first receive and apprehend Him as a gift and present given to you by God to be your own. When you see or hear that He has done something or suffered something, do not doubt that Christ Himself with His doing and suffering is yours. You can rely on Him no less than if you had done it — indeed, as if you were Christ. That is truly apprehending the Gospel, that is, the superabundant goodness of God, which no prophet, no apostle, no angel has ever fully expressed, which no heart can ever sufficiently be amazed at and comprehend. That is the great fire of God’s love for us by which the heart and conscience become happy, certain, and at peace; that is what preaching Christian faith means. Such preaching is called the Gospel.

Martin Luther, LW 75:8-9.

Just starting this new volume of Luther’s Works and will probably share a few quotes as I go.


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