God’s Promises Never Fail

I love how excited my kids get over rainbows. Whenever they see one, it's like they've just one a prize. They're instantly in awe, instantly making sure everyone else sees it, too. So when my four-year old spotted one outside our window last Friday night, needless to say she was thrilled.

We all were. So my wife and I both stepped out into the misting-rain to snap a picture (that's mine in this post, with a little word-art added). Then the kids continued to marvel at the colors and scope of the full rainbow outside. My wife and I also took the chance to teach a little bit about what a rainbow meant. God had given the first one to Noah after the Flood to promise that God would never again destroy the entire world by a flood (Gen. 9:12-16). Because of that, every rainbow can be a reminder for us that God keeps his promises. When God says he's going to be with us, he will. When he says he hears our prayers, he does. When he says Jesus paid for all our sins, he did.

It just struck me, though, how this would not have been nearly the “teaching moment” it was with my kids if it weren't for what we believe about the Bible. Since the Bible teaches and I believe that it came from God with no errors or mistakes of any kind, that means we could treat the rainbow sighting like we did. Holding to a Bible that is “inspired and inerrant” allowed us to make the connection between a pretty rainbow and all of God's promises in his Word, even the biggest fulfilled promise of a Savior from sin.

If we didn't have that foundation of a Bible that is true in everything, what would we have had left? I suppose we could have said the rainbow was pretty, and it reminded us of how great God is to have us live in a world with such pretty things. But even then, we'd be stuck with saying that the phenomena behind how light reflects on water leaving behind a rainbow is really more incredible than anything God “did” himself. We couldn't have connected the rainbow with Noah if we didn't think the story of Noah's Ark was literal history. And we never could have (easily, anyway) made the connection to Jesus living perfectly and dying for us from a rainbow unless we had the strong foundation of inspired, inerrant Scriptures.

How you treat the Bible matters. It's not just old, stuffy theologians debating far, far away. It's about families right now. It's my kids pointing and the wonders of God's creating and me being able to use that to point out the wonders of his Word. My kids give me a lot to be thankful for, and making this kind of connection was just the latest example.



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