Emmanuel Lux

Though I’m not a fan of what I’d call “Christian Contemporary Music” for the most part (as I’ve mentioned before), there’s some good stuff out there. Particularly good is Koiné, a band in the WELS that takes classic hymns and performs updated versions of them.


Their newest album, Emmanuel Lux has been the soundtrack of our house the past week or so. I think Koiné really stepped it up a notch with this one. The whole album works together, rather than just being a collection of songs.

You can check out this album from Koiné’s site here. Unlike their other albums, this one’s not available yet on Spotify. Besides the band’s site, you can also find it on iTunes.

Oh, if you’re ever in the mood for some really different Christmas music, you could always check out Sufjan Stevens’s two Christmas box sets, “Songs for Christmas” and “Silver and Gold.” These aren’t for everyone, but the music ranges from reverent folk takes on traditional Christmas songs to bizarre, electric originals like “Christmas Unicorn.”

Again, he’s not for everyone, but worth checking out if you don’t want the same old Christmas music. His stuff is available on Spotify or you can stream most of it from his site, too.


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