No Longer Dead

If you’re reading this, you’ll notice that this blog is no longer dead.

Recently, another blog I was reading posted this quote, and I think it’s appropriate here:

Having a dead blog, a blog that hasn’t been updated in over a month, is worse than no blog at all. -Eric Dye,

I don’t want to have a dead blog any more. So yesterday I posted this past weekend’s sermon, and I hope to have more posts in the future. For right now, I’m not committing to posting every day or every week, but I don’t want my blog to die again. And with all the changes that have happened since my last posts in October, things like moving, getting a new house, working as pastor in a different church, etc., — I think I should have plenty to write about!

So, hopefully I’ll put a few things up from time to time that you’d be interested in reading. Stop by any time!

PS — the fact that my blog is no longer dead pales in comparison to the fact that my Savior is no longer dead. So keep celebrating Easter! Jesus lives, and because he does, so will you!


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