The Interest on Your Debt

I don’t listen to much Christian music. That’s not to say I don’t like Christian music; I like the hymns we sing at my church. I love all sorts of psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs, like Colossians 3:16 mentions. I just don’t listen to much of the “contemporary Christian music” that’s around. It’s just not my thing. I think that’s because my “cheeziness detector” is set to extra-sensitive. And a lot of those songs just hit me as cheezy. (I’m not sure how to define cheezy; but I think I know it when I see it!)

So, I usually listen to popular music while I’m getting work done. It helps me concentrate on what I’m doing. Every once in a while, though, a specific song will stick out to me and really make me concentrate on its lyrics.

One of those songs lately was “City With No Children” by the rock band Arcade Fire. I guess the song probably jumped out at me because I’m preaching on the sermon on the mount, and the sermon on the mount is mentioned in the song. Here’s the section in question:

You never trust a millionaire quoting the sermon on the mount
I used to think I was not like them but I’m beginning to have my doubts
My doubts about it

When you’re hiding underground
The rain can’t get you wet
But do you think your righteousness could pay the interest on your debt?
I have my doubts about it

The part that really gets me, if you can’t guess, is the last two lines. Do you think your righteousness could pay the interest on your debt? Of course it couldn’t. Our own righteousness can contribute nothing toward our debt of sin. On our own all we could hope to pay is the punishment of death and hell forever. But Jesus paid our full debt. In his life, death, and resurrection, he has given us the complete payment for our sins and won us eternal life!

I have no idea if this has anything to do with what Arcade Fire was saying in this song. But it’s interesting to think about. I’m posting a video below of what is really just the audio of this song, in case you’re interested in hearing it.



2 thoughts on “The Interest on Your Debt

  1. A very good thinking piece about us as human beings. We easily fall into the trap of considering that we do something to contribute to our righteousness. Even a little bit. I think that is why I find most contemporary Christian music “cheesy” as well. Listen to the lyrics and you find that attitude and feeling of contributing to our righteousness. Or that we must show our Christianity by the works we do. What a wretched trap and people we are.

    Great reading this blog post. Keep us thinking Pastor!

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