Bible Reading for February 12th

Surprise! Expecting a regular Bible reading for today? Well, it’s a little different.

Today’s reading assignment is to review some Hebrew. Hebrew, of course, is the original language that most of the Old Testament was written in. The Bible study schedule I’m using was written with pastors in mind who would have already studied Hebrew. If that’s you, then this is a good opportunity to brush up on some of your Hebrew skills.

If you’re not a pastor and/or you don’t know Hebrew, you can use this day a little differently. Maybe you can use it as a day to catch up on readings you missed. Or you can re-read a favorite section of the Bible. Or, use it as a day off. It’s really up to you.

This does make me think of a few posts that might be worth exploring in the future: the importance of the original languages for Bible study, and “catching up” on a Bible reading plan. Stay tuned!



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