Check out WELSTech!

Do you listen to podcasts? Do you like “tech-stuff?” Are you interested in ministry. Then check out the WELSTech podcast!

You can find this podcast’s internet home at . This podcast is made by Martin Spriggs, the Chief Technology Officer of the WELS (the Lutheran synod to which I belong), along with the WELS tech trainer Sallie Draper. The podcast is weekly, and contains a lot of practical suggestions for using technology in ministry situations, whether it’s the parish or the classroom. Each podcast contains some sort of interview and is centered around some kind of theme.

One of the things I like about  this particular podcast, (besides its unique topic of technology and ministry) is the show notes available on their website. When you don’t have time to listen to a podcast (each episode is about an hour long), the show notes show you all the relevant information you need, as well as links to the different things discussed. I know I personally have gotten a lot of ideas from WELSTech, so they are doing something valuable. Maybe there’d be something there you would find of value, too!

You can listen to them on their website, subscribe to them on iTunes, or use one of the countless other podcast apps out  there. Check them out!

Full disclosure: Martin and Sallie just interviewed me this morning for next week’s podcast. And no, they did not instruct me to plug them on my blog! I’ll let you know when my interview airs!


2 thoughts on “Check out WELSTech!

  1. Dan, thanks for the kind words regarding our WELSTech podcast. Sallie and I have a lot of fun doing it and pray before we record each show that the listeners will be able to grab something that will make a difference in their ministry. It really is all about the listeners as far as we are concerned. They make the show. Their feedback and suggestions are great.

    Continued blessings on your blogging efforts. I’m enjoying reading your thoughts each day!


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