God the Father Gave Us to Christ

I was reading back in some of Luther’s sermon from John 17. It’s in the book on Luther’s sermons from John 17-20 published by CPH a couple years ago. Luther’s writings are some of the few theological books that I really enjoy reading, as you could probably guess from how many quotes of his I publish on this blog. But his sermons from John 17 are especially great. That chapter is known as Jesus’ high-priestly prayer, and Luther does an excellent job at bringing out the great comfort in it. Here’s what I ran across today based on John 17:6.  I have revealed Your name to the people whom You gave Me from the world.

Since He has given us to Christ, as to one to whom we should cling and whose mouth alone we should look at, we must not reject His flesh and blood but crawl and cover ourselves in them. This is where the Father wants to put us, yes, where He wants to be found, so that with Him we may come to the Father and abide where He abides, as those who are taken from the world and who shall not abide with it under the power of the devil nor perish with it. Therefore, thank the heavenly Father, every one of you, that you have come to be counted worthy to hear Christ and delight in His Word. And trust gladly and confidently that God does not want you to perish, since He has given you His Son and through Him has poured out every grace upon you.

Martin Luther (AE 69:54-55) (emphasis mine)


2 thoughts on “God the Father Gave Us to Christ

    • It’s funny; I had highlighted that quote in my book almost a year ago. Then the highlighting happened to catch my eye just yesterday. That reminds me why it’s worth highlighting sometimes!

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