It’s Just…So…Beautiful!

I said in a previous post that I was ashamed at the state of my office. Well, I’ve finally done a bit of cleaning! It’s not perfect yet, by any means, but I think this picture will definitely show things have improved!

You probably have to look back at the other post to get the full effect!

Next…time to get my email to inbox zero! That is possible, right? Right??!!



6 thoughts on “It’s Just…So…Beautiful!

  1. Nice to see you are following GDT philosophy – Get Things Done.

    You could solve that mailbox problem more often with a MacBook Pro. Have to start a fund drive for you. Even Logos is available now for Macs.

    • Yes, I like GTD stuff, though I’m not sure how faithful I’ve been with it. As far as the MacBook Pro goes, I’ve heard they’re pretty great machines. I’m definitely considering one for my next computer, though I’ve got time on that since my laptop is still in good shape. That Apple tax can be tough to swallow, though. We’ll see!

      • Well I will say that Windows 7 is such a nice improvement, if a person spends for a good business laptop PC and not a WalMart special, that should be fine too. I like to get 4 years minimum out of my machines. I have given a couple away to our pastor here to help out.

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