Bible Reading for February 6th

Romans 1-2, Psalm 120-126



2 thoughts on “Bible Reading for February 6th

  1. As the Internet grows and becomes a part of our lives, it brings with it a unique opportunity to meet people we likely would never have met in any other way. And very often, those people we meet on line will become friends. Sometimes, very close friends.
    In Romans verse one chapter eighteen; it talks about the wicked and that we shall fear it. The reason why is we are not to associate with the wicked or their actions of this world. God does get angry at the wickedness of the people suppressing God’s words, his truth: the Bible. This is why we need to keep close to our hearts the words of God. God says to Keep His Commandments, his laws, his words as a weapon to be used against wicked people. In other words, when someone is mean to me at work, I am to give them unconditional love and kindness because that is what God’s words say to do.
    Happy Super Bowl Sunday to you as I don’t own a TV and will be on the internet.

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