You See Him in His Words

This past Sunday, and for the next several weeks, I am preaching on portions of Jesus’ sermon on the Mount. This is one of the most well-known sermons ever delivered, and it covers pretty much all of chapters 5-7 in the book of Matthew. I enjoyed preaching the first one, and I’m looking forward to the other sermons in the set. I preach Jesus every week, of course, but it’s especially neat to be able to preach exclusively on his words, because it helps people see him in a new way.

I can’t think of this without envisioning a picture that’s hanging in my office. It’s a picture of Jesus, but it’s actually made out of his words. Every word from the sermon on the Mount is used to craft a picture of Jesus’ face. It’s a beautiful picture. It was made by a woman named Anna Talbot in 1928 according to the information on the frame.

Sorry it’s not a better quality picture, but it’s hard to do it justice when you’re not in person, anyway. I purchased this print at the Northwestern Publishing House store in Milwaukee, WI.



5 thoughts on “You See Him in His Words

  1. I’m preaching the same texts myself! Enjoy! (Make sure to read Luther’s sermons on these texts in volume 21!)

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