This Must Not Happen Again

Office Mess

My office is in bad shape. My desk is covered in stuff, stuff that I’m constantly digging through, looking for that one thing that I’m just sure is there somewhere.

I know what you’re going to say. “If you just clean the things up as you use them you won’t have this problem.” I know that. I’ve tried it. I’ve just never gotten it to work out quite that nicely. Sorry to disappoint you.

Well, I want to get this cleaned up! So I’m publicly posting this picture in the hope that it will spur me on to clean my desk and keep it clean! Hopefully I’ll have a follow up post soon to show you my ultra-clean results!


10 thoughts on “This Must Not Happen Again

    • Ha ha, thanks! Well, I purposefully didn’t include the area around the desk in the picture… It’s not as bad as the desk, but it’s not great. Of course, I have the added feature of church members being able to peer in my office window and see its sad state. So I really will get around to it. Really. Some time.

  1. I can never clean as I use things, either. My strategy when the office desk is getting out of hand, is to implement a rule: whenever you stand up from your desk, you have to do one thing (however minuscule) to make the desk more organized. After two or three days, the desk seems to magically “clean itself.” Good luck!

    • Thanks for the encouragement. I will get it done! But probably not in two days…these next two days are my busiest of the week! But I’m hoping that by sometime next week I can post a follow-up with a clean office.

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