Hey! I’ve got a blogroll now!

So I finally added a blogroll to my site. It’s on the right side of the page. Nope; down a little farther. There it is. It’s labeled “Check These Sites Out…” I called it that because, um, well. I don’t remember.

One thought on the blogroll: putting a link on there does not mean that I somehow endorse every word of every post on the site. I might or might not. But they will be sites I look at regularly, so I’d invite you to check them out if you’re interested.

The particular sites I put there for a start are from three other WELS pastors. There’s Pastor Johann Caauwe who is serving in El Paso, TX. Also, Pastor Jeremiah Gumm who serves in Liverpool, NY. Then there’s Pastor Ben Tomczak and the blog for his church, St. Mark Lutheran Church in Duncanville, TX. His blog is technically for his church, but he puts in more than just church events, so it’s well worth a look-see!

I’ll slowly add more sites as I go. Maybe you’ll discover something else you’ll enjoy.

Have a great weekend!



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