The Bermuda Triangle of Productivity

I came across this entertaining little picture the other day. There’s a lot more truth to it than I like to admit, too. I might not be able (or willing) to get rid of these activities and others like them completely, but is there a way I could use them better and/or less? I’m sure there is.

I’m really hoping this is something that will change with me in the coming year: less time on distractions, more time on what I really want/need. Seriously, it’s amazing to think about the difference this could really make in my life.

So, what are your big time wasters? How could you get rid of them of them or make them less of a waste this year?

HT: Esgetology on The Bermuda Triangle of Productivity.


3 thoughts on “The Bermuda Triangle of Productivity

  1. I was very much fascinated by the actual “Bermuda triangle”, when I was 11 years old. I spent almost 2 weeks in school library to find out what exactly that causes the disappearance of ships and planes in that mysterious part of the earth.

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