Daily Bible Reading for January 2nd

I mentioned I’d be posting my daily Bible reading schedule, so here it is!

Matthew 1-4, Psalm 1-2

I’m following a very ambitious Bible reading schedule this year. You can download it here. It allows me to get through the entire Bible once, with the most important books twice. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it for everyone, but I think it’s something good for a pastor who should really be on top of the Bible for his own sake and the sake of his congregation.

I won’t necessarily be posting comments about each day’s readings, though I might occasionally. If someone would like to read along this plan with me, let me know! Or if you’d just like to read what I’m reading on a random day, feel free! If you have a comment or question about a particular day’s readings, go ahead and post it in that day’s post’s comments. I’ll try to give you a (relatively) quick answer or reply.

Blessings to you again on this year ahead!


5 thoughts on “Daily Bible Reading for January 2nd

  1. I am not a christian. But I have read The Bible, more than thrice till date. I have also read Hindu epics, Greek mythology and good deeds of Quran. I believe in almighty in any form of religion. So, I honor and respect all religions. All attempts of man kind to attain salvation.

    • Thanks for your comment. It surprises me that you’ve read the Bible three times. Is that common for people in India to read the Bible? (At least I think you’re from India.)

      Thanks for respecting my beliefs and still reading my blog! One thing that I think makes true Christianity different from every other religion is that Christianity does not teach that man must attain salvation through his works. Rather, God gives salvation as a free gift through his Son Jesus Christ.

      Thanks again for reading. Have a great day!

      • Dear Walter,
        I used to be a great admirer of books from very young age. Though now, the time and schedules of life don’t allow me to read as I used to, many year ago.

        As you correctly understood, I am from India. I won’t agree that its common in India for people to read Bible from all communities. As you can find out, India is a land of diversities and people live in the harmony of unity in that diversity. And the christian communities do follow Bible.

        Have a great day !!

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