A New Year — A New Start

Happy new year! I wish all my readers God’s blessings in this year ahead. May he give you his Spirit through Word and Sacrament to build you up in him every day!

Besides praying for a great new year for you, I’d also like to tell you about something new I’m going to be doing this year, something bold, something that even I feel like I’m a bit crazy for even attempting. Are you ready?

I’m going to be posting to his blog every day in 2011.

No, seriously! And I intend to actually do it! The idea came from a campaign from WordPress.com encouraging more blog posts from its users. (Check out some info on it here.)  I’ve really enjoyed the WordPress.com platform, I’ve been interested in writing more, and this all works out as a great excuse to finally do it!

This will, of course, mean a few things for the way this blog will look over the coming year.

  • The topics I post about won’t always be “pastoral.” In other words, not every single post will be about my work as a pastor, or about the Bible. That doesn’t mean those topics won’t come up — they will a lot! — but I won’t be holding myself to posting about them every time.
  • Some posts will be very short. A post might just be a few words (such as how I’ll be posting my daily Bible readings, which will in themselves be almost daily posts.) A post might just be a picture (such as what will probably happen when I go on vacation next week. I’ll probably post a photo of what’s going on that day with maybe a sentence of explanation.) Also, posts won’t always include an image of some kind (like this one!)
  • Not every post will be publishing-ready, grammar-perfect. This blog isn’t an online journal of scholarly essays; it’s a weblog. This doesn’t mean I’ll fill it with grammatical errors and sloppy writing (at least not purposely), but I will feel free to be loose and free in my posts. My perfectionism likes to try to keep me putting an image in, making the post a certain length, etc. Well, no more!
  • I’ll be scuttling my tumblr blog — wellreadsaint.tumblr.com — which I’d been using to post little “non-pastoral” stuff for awhile. I’ll just stick it all on this blog.

And that’s about it! I hope someone out there will get something from all these posts, but at the end of the day, I’m really doing it all to improve my own communication and thinking process. The added challenge of posting every day is that little extra that I believe will keep me motivated.

I’m definitely open to your comments, shares, likes, and encouragement as I go. So feel free to engage on here as much — or as little — as you’d like. Thanks!

Finally, one more time: blessings on your 2011! I’ll be seeing you around!


7 thoughts on “A New Year — A New Start

    • For me it was reading the idea of the “post a day” from WordPress.com that got me fired up to write more. Hopefully some good will come out of it by the time I’m done. Blessings on your year (and your new addition!)

      By the way, your comment about inspiration but not in the Scriptural sense made me laugh!

      • “Post a day” blog could enhance the blogger networking if “read a day” could also be imparted. I have subscribed to your blog and will be commenting on your next 364 blog posts. I hope you find the same interest in my blog postings too.

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