What Are the Lutheran Confessions?

I consider myself a confessional Lutheran. Well, to ask a good Lutheran question, “What Does This Mean?”

It means, first and foremost, that I use the Bible as the source and norm of all true teaching. What I teach and what I believe is what God teaches me in the Bible. There I find the truth of the Triune God, my sin, and God’s rescuing me through the person and work of God the Son, my Savior, Jesus Christ. All of God’s Word centers on him, and every teaching points back to him.

So…why do we need the Lutheran Confessions, then? I ran across a video that has shown up several places around the internet in the past few weeks. The man in the video, Pastor Jonathan Fisk of the LCMS, attempts to answer some questions about and to show the importance of the Lutheran Confessions. And he does a pretty good job of it!

Don’t let the length of the video scare you off. It goes really fast with Pastor Fisk’s informal and humorous style. Seriously, check it out!

Hope you liked it. Check out more on (and read) the Lutheran Confessions at http://bookofconcord.org. Also, you can check out a quick summary of the various documents in the Lutheran Confessions here.


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